Back when our days were so simple you were my friend and protector. You had a way about you that stood out from the rest. Your heart was kind. Your eyes full of warmth. Your arms a refuge. Trust, honesty, security, comfort were the gifts given, but also made you who you were. More than 30 years have passed now. Our lives have gone through so many changes. Our friendship is as it always was. The same qualities that made it so amazing then make it even more amazing now. I am in awe of the gift you share with me. I am immeasurably thankful for your part in my life. Your acceptance of who I am, even with all my scars, tells of an unconditional love that supersedes the understanding of this world and concretes the truth that you and I are unexplainable, but totally comprehensive at the same time. You, my friend, make all the difference in my world and I love you so very much…

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