Years have passed and brought you here, but reality for you has gone astray. Your choices have filled you with anger. Your circumstances have filled you with hatred. Your lack of acceptance has filled you with blame. You are tormented by a haunting fairytale that just wasn’t meant to be. Your focus on the past stifles your movement forward, robs you of a chance at life in a different light. All the while, you yourself are destroying a great man. No one stands beside you now, but instead they watch in the distance in horror with a heavy heart at what unfolds. In order to free yourself from this torture and madness you MUST face reality as it is. Happiness can never be found in the same place you lost it. The continuous consumption of negativity will be your permanent demise if you are not careful. Acceptance will bring clarity. Clarity will bring perseverance. Your belief in yourself will bring strength. Your life will become one of the greatest stories ever told if you will just give your future a chance.

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