Destiny always has a way of finding you. Even if the road is hard, the knowledge you gain from your travels will benefit you for the rest of your journey. Through your anger and disbelief you must quiet the static so destiny has a chance to speak. You must listen with an open mind. Take note of her guidance so that when you are ready you can move forward to meet her expectations. Though you may not agree, she knows what is best and will continue to drive you even if it be against your grain. Resistance proves to make it harder and build more resentment, all the while robbing you of precious time. Time that cannot be replaced. Time that was meant for your greater good. You must move past your own understanding and trust her so you can persevere to obtain the happiness that was meant for you. Look back on your life. See your way has served you no benefit. Endless circles. Self-inflicted idling have kept you motionless in time. Now, you must break the cycle. Accept her teachings. Bury your negativities. Unearth your truth and fulfill your destiny so that all can finally be right in your world.

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