Loss and Confusion

Sitting alone with my thoughts. Asking myself what’s worse-
Knowing that you don’t love me anymore or that you never did. The realization is unbearable. So many memories. None with a warning of what was to come. Trying to accept now that the happiness was not real and that my person never existed. Loss and confusion. The weight of this tragedy offers me no room to breathe, instead drowns me in an ocean of sorrow and tears. Enjoying every moment. Endless hours of conversation. Smiling, laughing. Just knowing without words. An unconditional bond.
All lies.
I let you in, embraced everything about you only to be discarded without a thought. The scar you leave behind is the deepest I have ever known. Your absence haunts me and so does your presence. You are a stranger to me now yet familiar at the same time. Turmoil replaced happiness. Screams replaced laughter. Silence replaced conversations.


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