Too Attached

Too attached. So in love. Blind to your faults. Put you on a pedestal never realizing how shallow you are or that I would never really matter. Would give anything and everything just to be a part of you, but that will never be enough. I am me. I encourage, love unconditionally, build you up when others tear you down. What you crave is nothing I am or would lower myself to be. My heart sees YOU, feels your desires and knows the truth even when you don’t. You want belonging, love, care, security, family, the white picket fence that forever is made of. However, you are blind to the notion that all fences are not the same. Repairs are not always an option. New fences sometimes need to be built. Then and only then is forever what it’s meant to be. I watch you struggle on this journey with a heart full of sorrow. Wishing I could take your crooked path and burdens upon myself so you can finally be complete. Sadly, I know this is not the way the world works. So instead, I idle beside you, praying for your pieces to fall into place. All the while remaining too attached.

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