Trying to catch my breath and face this new reality. My life has suddenly become a movie of my past. Sorting through the memories one by one hoping to understand how I got here. I feel dazed and confused. Lost and broken. I cannot unlock the mystery of it. No ill intentions, no selfishness, no expectations. Excepting as is. Picking up pieces of a broken man and trying to put them back together one by one. Encouragement, patience, love and understanding given in hopes they could build inner strength to hold the pieces together. Sadly that was not the case. Somehow, in the moments of it all the strength began to give way and the pieces came crashing down. Blame was placed and BOTH are broken. Pieces everywhere. Pain, sadness, heartache. Too overwhelming to comprehend. Two hearts scream for mercy from this torment and pray for the understanding of how to start yet again to pick up the pieces…

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