The Gift

Sometimes you go through life looking for your place and acceptance. You are looking for something that completes you and allows you to know that you matter. Days, even years, pass with no real direction or worth. You get lost in all the cruelty that this world has bestowed upon you and slip farther into the darkness of regrets and emptiness. The journey seems so long and is torture with every breath taken. You nearly give up every day. No one truly knows your struggle nor would they understand if they did. Then one day you awaken to find the darkness has been replaced with a light like you have never known. A light that shines so bright and still lingers long after the one who has brought it is gone. In an instant, all the pieces start to fall in to place. Your life begins to have meaning, your heart begins to know joy and your soul finally rests quietly. In this moment you realize what a gift you have been given. You stand in awe of this magic and you begin to allow yourself to smile. You experience warmth and love. Your journey becomes one that you hope never ends. You vow to take advantage of every second and never one for granted. The giver knows not the depth of the gift, the receiver will never forget…

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