There is such a heaviness in my heart, a sickness in the pit of my stomach. The realization of what I meant to you is too much for me to bear. I was everything and nothing at the same time. My importance in your life was nothing more than a convenience for you to meet your needs. How assuming of me to believe it was anything more. The shocker of the situation is that meeting your needs took seasons of time and vestment of heart. More so, you unconditionally, it seemed, gave time and heart of your own, not only to my needs, but to be a constant in my life in a way I never asked for or expected. In an instant silence fell, care was gone and time was non existent. I applaud your ability to keep the facade going as long as you did, but I will pray for your evil minded spirit. On the surface you appear to have an Angel’s heart, now at great cost I know better. This hurt you have bestowed on me leaves yet another scar that cuts deeper than most. Left again picking up the pieces of the brokenness that makes me who I am…

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