Not So Ordinary

If you think you are just an ordinary person, not anything special let me share with you a secret or two. In someone’s life you matter more than you will ever fathom. Your voice is the calm during the storm. Your smile warms the soul. Your laughter is contagious. Your touch takes away the loneliness and gives comfort. Your eyes tell of compassion and trust. Being in the presence of your soft quietness builds the spirit, adds completeness and takes away the weight of the world. You give strength to those around you just by being who you are. You are amazing beyond measure. Without you someone, somewhere would never be the same. Their world would be missing something that could never be replaced. You give a gift that is solely yours. Nothing about you is ordinary. Everything about you is special. I am in awe that you share that with me and a much better person because of it. So you see the simplicity of who you are isn’t so ordinary after all…

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