Too Busy

In this life of everyday uncertainty it is important not to take for granted those that matter most in your life. Life is always going to be busy, full of commitments and expectations, but in the midst of that those that matter should still have their place. Letting someone know their place in your life takes so little. A phone call, short visit or even a little note. Shame on you if you don’t take that time. Time is not endless and the way you use it should not be foolish. Without careful thought your misuse of time will be your regret. Actions speak louder than words. The next time you think you are too busy take into account what you are really saying. “You are not important, You don’t matter, You are only a person in my life out of convenience.” If that is not your message change your actions to reflect your meanings. You have chances to do this everyday until you don’t. At that moment an awakening happens beyond comprehension all because you were Too Busy…

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