I don’t know

You tell me that “I don’t know”… I don’t know what you have been dealing with. I shake my head in disbelief that those words could EVER come out of your mouth. My heart feels heavy and hurt wells up inside. Then not even anger, but rage sets in.

What I DO KNOW is what I have been a part of. How many times it has been my shoulder, my voice and my presence. What I do know is the time, commitment and heart vested. In your times of trouble I hurt not only for you, but WITH you. Your worry was ours. Your sadness darkened my heart. Your world became a part of mine and I unselfishly met your needs as best I could.

The next time you need to say “I don’t know” instead remember what YOU DO KNOW… That I have been there without judgement or prejudice. That I have given expecting nothing in return. That I have taken time and made an effort. That I DO KNOW more than you are willing to ever say. Just for a moment, also remember that you do know the darkness of my world, the extent of my strength and the saving grace that makes it all bearable.

In the absence of that there is no refuge…

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