Without a Thought

Going through life, minding my own way. Just trying to do what I can for myself to keep the chaos together, then you came along. You came into my life needing a shoulder, understanding and compassion. It was given without a thought. Days turned into months, months turned to years. It was realized that we had a very special friendship. A bond that was made through trust, nurture and voluntary care on both parts. This friendship became a part of us as if it always was. Looking back we see what a precious gift we have built. A gift not many ever experience. KNOWING you are never alone and there is at least one person in the world you can always trust. Though there will still be ups and downs between us, because nothing is ever perfect, there is no doubt the friendship will still remain. The term “my person” has never been seen more clear than when you look at us. We just know, we just are, we just have and we just do…

Life is forever changed.

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