Destiny of Darkness

Chaos inside, living in a minefield with no map. Constant anxiety tearing me down. A hope of disconnect from the reality I call my life. Living in my own realm of fantasy just to keep from taking my last breath. It is getting harder to survive. My strength is failing in so many ways, yet no one notices the brokenness of who I have become. Save myself as I would another. So much easier said than done. I have no self-worth, no meaning in this world. I am nothing more than an invisible mistake that wakes up every day just to exist. Existing is not living. It is a lonely place. A consumption of an indescribable sadness that is eternal. Every day is a torture I do not feel I deserve, but I MUST or this would not be my life. No reasoning, no understanding just disbelief. Though I try to make life different it is always the same. A destiny of darkness that brings me to my knees…

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