Chasing Butterflies

To view the world through the eyes of happiness is quite an amazing thing. For some this is a natural response to life. For others it is a constant struggle each day.  Some need gentle reminders of the good in the world and in themselves. If you are lucky enough to be given those gentle reminders each day the sun shines a little brighter, the hardships of this world seem more bearable and the reflection in the mirror makes you proud. Those gentle reminders can come from anywhere, but mine came from an amazing stranger that had the magic to make me smile right down to my soul. He made me believe that I actually have a worth and uniqueness about myself that I share with those who pass through my life. This was not an easy task, but he encouraged me always, sending butterflies as a sign to let me know I should never give up on daily happiness.  Now in his absence the fight begins to cling to his words and believe in myself. I fight through the emptiness and the pain in my heart to continue what he started. For me this will be the challenge of a lifetime, but I mustn’t give up out of respect for him and myself. Right now my world is clouded with grief, yet the memories of all he has done evoke a smile. Never have I had someone so amazing take such an interest in someone like me. For that there are no words to explain my gratitude and love. I will keep him close all the days of my life and remember each word spoken, each smile given and each moment spent in the presence of such an incredible being. Though it will be difficult, I will wake up every morning ready to fight for  that happiness because of who I am and I will never stop chasing butterflies…

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