Second Chance Friendship

Growing up I had a friend that always watched over me. On so many occasions he was there to dry my tears, help me pick up the pieces and force me to smile. His soulful brown eyes told the inner story of his generous heart and compassionate nature. He always had his own way about him, never following the crowd. Just proud to be who he was. His way was never boastful or quick to anger. His mild manneredness has always evoked calm. He saw the good in each person and in life itself, yet he could never see how truly special HE was. There could not be a more genuine heart. He was always a security and a blessing in my life. His friendship was a rarity in this world. Over the years we lost touch and I often thought of him fondly. Hoping life was being good to him, he deserved that and more. I knew there would never be another in my life like him that would show me so much unselfish care, wanting nothing in return. Then, during one of my lowest points, he appeared like a mirage in the desert. I was in such disbelief. The security and calm I once knew present again and exactly the way it always was. Our friendship remains as if there has been no loss of time. Already, he has stepped in drying my tears and helping me pick up the pieces, truly sharing the pain in my heart. I am so thankful for this second chance friendship and have no doubt it is here to stay.

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