Love from a Distance

The loss of someone you love is such an undescribable pain. Especially when the loss is not because the love is gone and the person is still within your reach. It truly sickens you to the bone. In their absence it is amazing how many things remind you of them. To get through the day without tears is near impossible. There is an overwhelming emptiness tugging at every breath. But still you find yourself revisiting every memory possible just to be near, hoping it will lessen the pain. My person is so amazing and my heart so full of love for him that even through the tears there is a smile. He is a part of me that will always be. And the love I have for him shall remain all the days of my life. Because of this love I realize my infinite selfishness to always want to be near him in a way that is not possible. So I must step back and respect the limitations of reality all for the good of his happiness. I will remain in the distance loving him on his terms and excepting whatever moments are given. I am thankful to at least have that to hold on to. My life has been forever changed by him in ways there are no words to describe. So even with the challenges faced right now I would change nothing about our moments and will be forever grateful for the way fate stepped in and brought him into my life.

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