Settled Emptiness

I am so lost right now. My heart has an intense pain that will not subside. It is hard to breathe. A desolate emptiness has settled upon me and I feel so alone. I reach out for you, but you are not there to save me. I scream for you over and over with no answer. My tears are waterfalls of sadness that surely make me feel like I am drowning. I am at such an ununderstanding that I am in this place right now. How can this be? How can you know my hurt my pain and turn your back on me so easily? I just want you to take me in your arms, hold me and make everything okay, but you will not. So I stand alone revisiting every memory you have ever given. Closing my eyes to be in the moment.  Begging for my heart to stop being in pain and breath to return. There is  no replacement for you nor will there ever be. You have given what there are no words to describe. Your presence in my life, my heart, my soul are uniquely yours. I would not trade any of it even with this hurt. I except it all willingly for without it ALL I would have none. So for now I will take my memories and do my best to try to save myself and await your open arms once more…

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