Past the point of Scars

I have scars left by others that run deep. I am proud of those scars. Those scars have taught me a lot about life, people and myself. Because of them I have learned I am a strong, compassionate person who is also guarded at times. I am a giver and a doer. I am sensitive and genuine. I am the best friend you could ever have. My smile is bright. I love to make others laugh. When you look into my eyes you will see the goodness in my heart, but also my beautiful soul. My purpose is to share love and kindness in a world that has gone astray. So having said these things, if you come into my life and want to stay you must have respect for all of me, even with my scars. You must be genuine and kind. If you are going to love me, in any way, it cannot be conditional. You must always be there to build me up, never tear me down. You must be a smile giver, never a smile taker. I know there will still be hurt and disagreement, no one is perfect, but I am past the point of scars. Life is getting shorter by the minute and I have already wasted so much of it on things not worth it. I do not mean to offend and hope you can understand. I promise you if you except these terms and decide to stay there will always be at least one smile in your heart…

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