Taunting Absence

You wake from a restless sleep hoping it was all just a dream. You run outside, look to the sky and your heart sinks. You are here in this place, it was no dream, so you have to face the reality of it all. The distance you felt that rapes you of safety and happiness is all too real. The insanity of losing him whirlwinds inside taunting you like demons from the depths of hell. You are desperate to escape before it consumes you, but how? You fade away inside yourself to find the answer. You call on your endless memories of him. His smile, his tenderness, his compassionate touch. You can still hear his calm, gentle voice speaking your name. You listen carefully as to not miss a word. It is these memories that will save you from the absence. These memories have become a part of you, of every breath you take. They are the strength for your survival until all is right in your world again.

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