A New Friend

Recently I made a new friend in the most unlikely of places – the closet. While visiting there I met the vacuum cleaner. As I’ve spent so much time in the closet lately I have grown fond of the vacuum cleaner and learned an all new respect for it. One might look at the vacuum cleaner and see nothing really special, but look a little closer. The vacuum cleaner has a hard, thankless job. Day in and day out the vacuum cleaner is there cleaning up all the messes we make and never complains one little bit. It runs so much more efficiently then the broom and dust pan, but no one hardly takes notice. The vacuum cleaner is quite versatile, what with all its attachments you can get every inch of the house spotless in no time. Which then leaves more time for you to enjoy the things in life you want to. I have also realized in my countless hours with the vacuum cleaner what a good listener it can be. I have shared many long, drawn out conversations with the vacuum cleaner while in the closet and not once did my conversation get interrupted or was one sarcastic comment made. So you see, perhaps the vacuum cleaner is really a greatly underestimated and unappreciated piece of equipment.

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