~ rambling ~

Do you know how hard it is to go through life feeling all alone and like no one cares or understands? You ask yourself over and over what did I do to deserve this. You analyze your life from beginning till now, but still have no answers. Without answers how do you change things so that one day you may feel significant and not be alone anymore? Welcome to my world. The world of emptiness and despair, desperate for someone to care and someone to understand. One day I will find answers and I will rise above this. One day it will not matter the thoughts of others or the lack of. Only my own. One day I will wake up and though not perfect will still love myself despite the worlds negativity cast upon me. It will phase me no more and I will be able to let it go before it takes hold. One day at a time is all I need. One positive focus at a time. This I owe to myself. Through all my wrongs forgiveness waits, but the only person that can give that to me is myself…

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