Safe Haven

There is a moment in life when you realize just how much a friend means to you. When that moment happens a feeling of warmth and love washes over you like a rainbow after the storm. He has been ever present in your life. Always a safe haven for your weary soul. He has offered so much and taken so little. As you look back on the years, you are amazed to see how this bond grew into what it is today. You play back the memories of laughter, love, serious and tender moments. You realize just how special you are together. There are no words for you to express your gratitude. From the heart you know that this is a friendship of a lifetime. You know you will spend a lifetime nurturing and protecting it. Showing appreciation each step of the way. For this friendship is more precious than the riches of the earth. It is understood with a quiet unconditional presence that is felt even when you are apart. How amazing that you have been able to experience this in such a disconnected world…

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