Enjoy the Moment

(Written July 14, 2018)

A dear friend once told me “you have to enjoy the moment”. I imagine that is the problem in my life. I am so busy looking ahead I miss what’s here now. If you think about that, it is quite a tragic thing in life not to just enjoy the moment. When life takes hold and the craziness sets in I often lose track of myself and life and time. Our time here is too short to keep allowing that to happen. What’s important is that I be good to myself first and take no moment for granted. Moment seems like such a simple word, but it is so much more important then we take the time to notice. Moments are things like a loved one’s smile, the way they laugh, the way they always know the right thing to say just when you need it, sunrises and sunsets, the warmth of your pup curled up beside you or the gentle nudge from your favorite llama. Those simple moments, without even realizing it will become most treasured memories. Those moments will continue to give happiness, love and strength long after the moment is over, but only if you take the time to stop and enjoy each one. I am fortunate to have been told that before all my moments were gone. When you figure out how important moments really are life is never the same. Hard times still come and life will still get crazy, but down deep inside you always wear a smile because you have learned the importance of just being able to enjoy the moment…

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