Unintentional Gift

Some of the greatest, truest love in life is felt in ways that can only be understood by those who share it. You know this love is present when even the simplest gestures flood your heart with a touch of a thousand butterfly’s wings in flight. It fills you with an anxious warmth that lasts long after you part from one another. A memory makes you smile so wide that others wonder what they’re missing. Sharing this kind of love, every second together is a treasure to be held. It is unexplainable and undeniable at the same time. When you are together it can be seen by those around you. When you are apart it can be felt in the longing emptiness of your heart. This love is an unintentional gift. A not so chance meeting as fate stepped in and opened up your world to complete bliss. This love needs no words. It is spoken when eyes meet, hands touch, as you share an endless embrace. You tremble at the thought and know it shall always remain…

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