Finally At Rest

So many demons screaming inside my head. They never let me rest. They remind me every second of every failure, every imperfection and cast loneliness upon my soul. I go through my day trying to drown them out, but they are never truly silent. You think you know me because on the outside I appear to be happy. You can’t hear them and I don’t let you see they are there. On the inside it’s a war zone. Good versus evil. I used to pray I would win, but lately I just pray for silence. Lately, their screams have been too much. Even the strong have a breaking point. Mine is here. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I don’t want to fight them. It’s too hard and I never truly win. You can never imagine what a life like this is like. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. The pain is so intense you feel like you could literally just explode into 1000 pieces. I hold on because I have no choice. One day, one way or another the torture will end. I will be at peace. Those that have been in my life will miss my laughter and my caring smile. They will think “what a sad day it is”. I will be smiling down on them saying, “do not cry for me. I am finally at rest. What you saw on the outside is now on the inside and I can truly smile and know happiness”.

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