The struggle is REAL

When you hear the word prison you think of a brick-and-mortar building with bars and barbed wire, if only that was the only kind. More often than not prison is being trapped inside yourself facing all the demons in your life. You’re not so good choices that have led you to the life you live. They have locked the demons inside with you and you cannot escape from your self inflicted hell. Each day is a struggle just to survive. You put your game face on to face the world, but on the inside there is a constant knockdown, drag out fight, good versus evil. From day to day you never know who’s going to win you just pray to God it will be you. Why did you make the choices you did? Why couldn’t you see what it would lead to? Too late to ask now just have to focus on trying to survive. What a draining life. Never knowing true happiness. Never being able to let your guard down. Never knowing each day if you are going to win or not. It is so tiring. It is really not living only existing, a miserable existence at that. Your soul longs for peace, a peace that may never come. Yet each day you start your day with that game face holding on to the hope of that peace. Without that the demons win. All is lost. And you become a casualty of your self inflicted hell…

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