Take My Breath Away

Have you ever heard the saying “Take My Breath Away”? Most people hear that and associate it with things like a beautiful sunset, the view from atop a mountain, the first time you ever see a rainbow during the storm. Take My Breath Away can also have a different association like not being able to catch your breath because you lost someone you love, feeling like you have just been hit by a truck at 100mph, seeing the darkness creeping in taking away the light and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. When this kind of Take Your Breath Away happens you are drowning, barely treading water and all hope is lost for you. You can try with all your might to save yourself but, it is really useless. The only one that can save you now is the one who caused it by their absence. This is a horrible place. Darkness, sadness, tears and a heart that skips beats in the worst kind of way-you pray it will skip them all. As you replay in your mind all the memories it only makes you spiral further into the abyss of emptiness. Such hopelessness and despair that you never realized could exist. The silence of it all on the outside let’s no one else know but, the hurt, rage and sadness on the inside screams so loud it’s deafening. Trapped inside a prison with no escape-a life sentence was given. Life can never be the same. You will try at some point to pick up the pieces, but you will never have them all. You will always have that one place of emptiness that Takes Your Breath Away…

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