Angels DO Exist

People say Angels are all around us. We cannot see them or know they are there until we start to fall and they catch us before we hit rock bottom. At that moment, you know who your Angel is because at that moment life is different and rock bottom begins to get farther away. Who would have ever known my Angel would be a perfect stranger. It has been an eternity since I felt worth anything or like I deserved to be appreciated. Actually, these last months have been very dark for me. More often than not contemplating driving head on, with full force into an 18 wheeler-Who would miss me any way? Now I cannot say that. Now each day I try to find one thing good about myself and let that be my focus. My Angel says, “enjoy the moment”. What a life changer. Enjoy the moment instead of letting the moment pass you by. Dwelling on that single phrase is the beginning of me being able to like myself and to start doing things for me. To stop being lost in the madness of my self created prison and start looking beyond the bars.

I am forever grateful to you gentle stranger, my Angel I never knew was there…

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