No Ordinary Love

Words are spoken without sound. Warmth is felt without touch. Eyes exchange such meaning that it resonates around us. The smiles between us tell stories that everyone wants to hear, but only we share. There has never been another like this nor will there be again. A connection of one soul to another. So effortless and natural that we know it was just meant to be. An alignment of life to make the journey easier. To finally mean something to someone in an unconditional way. Each day growing more precious to one another. Becoming as important to each other as the air we breathe. There is such beauty in a relationship like this that it takes your breath away just being a part of it. There is even more appreciation for every second shared. Time together passes too quickly. Time apart is always too long. The anxiousness of absence never changes. We feel completeness at the sound of each other’s voice and wholeness in each others presence. We continuously stand in awe and are thankful to realize that what we share is no ordinary love…

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