In the Shadows

Tears fall and my heart is filled with sorrow. My smile and laughter are absent, as are you. Yet you are still a part of my every breath. Our bond cannot be broken by this absence. We are connected without presence or words. My person, your voice of reason. Two souls that intertwine. I stay in the shadows as you take this journey to find answers, but still never leaving your side. I see you in the distance. Your face is troubled. Your smile is dim. Your laughter is silent. I want to run to you, but I mustn’t. You must do this on your own. You must exhaust all efforts in order to be free from what haunts you. This journey you take takes it’s toll on both of us. I understand its importance and hope it leaves you with clarity. I wait for the day to once again be able to look upon your face and see the light. Until then our memories will be my saving grace as I wait quietly in the shadows…

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