Dream On

So they say the average person will sleep 26 years in a lifetime. Some may hear that and think – such a waste. For me I hear that and think – how wonderful. I’m sure in a perfect world sleeping that long would be a waste, but in my world it will be time spent in a realm where my world can be perfect. In dreams I am free to be happy. I can except myself the way I am without the care of another’s thoughts. I can have that special someone in my life that lights my heart on fire and I can spend as many countless hours as I choose just being content and secure in his arms. My heart can be whole instead of scarred and in pieces. Dreams are the one place where life can really be what you make it and love is unconditional without limits. An escape from the cruelty of reality and all its negativity. Looking at it that way, those 26 years seem like blessings of happiness that I will gladly spend being able to just Dream On…

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