Not Unnoticed

Your weathered face tells a story of a storm raging in your existence. Days of anxiousness so deep that my skin crawl’s, leading me to your memory. The connection is not broken even with distance. Soul To Soul. A connection that will remain for our eternity. I feel your struggle as well. Anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, disbelief. The uncertainty that is your truth right now. The overwhelmingness of it all is dangerous. It alters your true self and causes actions made in desperation. I caution you, take a step back and quiet the storm, even if just for a moment. No good will come of your actions made in such a state, but in the quiet, the voice of reason will step in and you will be able to sort it out. Changing first what you do have control over, one situation at a time. Thinking too far ahead will only keep the storm raging and keep you from your sanity. You are strong, intelligent and uneasily defeated. Though it feels hopeless, you will overcome yet again, stronger than before. The faith I have in you you must also, have in yourself. Only then will the clouds part and give way to brighter days.

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