Things in life most often are never really what they seem. Be careful how much you let your guard down and even more careful how much you give of yourself to others. For if you don’t you will realize that you have given so much that there is nothing left to give to yourself. What you thought was friendship was nothing more than an expectation of meeting needs of another. An expectation of always being there willing to help, to fix, to give security, making things right as often as you could and just being there for them when you couldn’t. Instead of being appreciated you will find that giving too much is taken for granted. Your give-and-take relationship becomes all take with nothing being given in return. By then for you it is too late. Your time is lost, your feelings are hurt and your heart is sad. What is the meaning of it all? Where is your balance? What is your purpose? Time to refocus and reflect. This time on yourself first. The giver in you cannot exist in the same capacity anymore or you will only repeat the vicious cycle. This time you must matter to yourself the most so you can rise above the expectations…

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